Dalkia invests heavily in TIRU

Dalkia, the EDF subsidiary specializing in district heating and energy services, is set to invest in TIRU to an amount of up to 75% of the company’s capital.

TIRU, which stands for the Industrial Treatment of Urban Residues, is a company specializing in the design and operation of waste treatment plants in France, the UK and Canada. The company, which was founded in 1922, focuses on three points:
• energy recovery – using combustion for electricity generation;
• biological energy recovery – production of compost and biogas;
• reusing waste material – sorting and repackaging recyclable material.

It is thus clear how the acquisition of 75% of the company’s capital represents an important strategic interest for Dalkia, as this acquisition will allow the French company to complete its business portfolio, which has so far been based around the biomass, cogeneration, geothermal and biogas industries.
The aim of the acquisition is also to offer renewable energy recovery solutions to communities to help increase the share of green energy in their energy mix. With 2020 and the energy transition law representing a major challenge to most communities, it seems that Dalkia hope to stand out against their competitors through this acquisition.

The capital gain is also interesting for the EDF group as a whole, thanks to the expertise of TIRU. The company was previously owned by EDEV (EDF Environment Development) and recorded a turnover of €232M in 2015 with a workforce of 1145 employees.

Jean-Michel Mazalérat, CEO of Dalkia, welcomed the news, saying “Energy recovery allows us to fully exploit the energy resources of the country and place ourselves at the heart of the circular economic model. Promoting the production of energy from waste recovery when the material cannot be recycled for usein heating networks, for example, is a major element of the energy transition law. The Dalkia Group is delighted to acquire TIRU whose expertise in the production of green energy will be greatly appreciated by our customers. ”

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