What will Brexit mean for DHC networks?


The announcement of the result of the UK’s referendum on the European Union on the 24th of June has already generated many column inches in the mainstream press and in the press. Here at DHC News we will consider and explore what exactly the consequences of Brexit might have on district heating.

Tim Rotheray, the director of the ADE (Association for Decentralized Energy), sought first of all to reassure the British district heating sector that there is still “plenty of opportunity” for growth in the UK district heating sector, despite the decision, even if he admits that it is “very difficult to actually know precisely what the impact will be.”
It is not so much that the district heating sector in itself could be a victim, but rather the real estate market that may cause concern. Recently, the HM Treasury has granted 320 million pounds to the sector, an endowment that would help to support local authorities in creating and completing heating network projects. However, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the construction industry and real estate.

Mr Rotheray voiced the opinion that there must now be a requirement that the United Kingdom takes into consideration the district heating sector in its future negotiations with the European Union.

Of course, the country has not yet exited Europe and nobody is sure what the terms of departure might be, even if the general press is working to unravel the consequences of the “catastrophe”, we prefer to be more cautious, especially when looking at a niche market as ours. For the moment, the district heating sector, much like the rest of the UK, is sticking to a position of wiat-and-see.

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