Sterling & Wilson to branch out into energy storage market

The Indian company Sterling & Wilson have announced their intention to enter the hybrid and energy storage business. The company has revealed that it is developing a new activity that will highlight the power supply to remote islands and the reduction of the carbon footprint of fossil fuel-powered electrical installations.

In fact, the company plans to offer turnkey services in different areas such as project development, design and engineering, sizing of energy storage solutions and hybrid technologies, supply chain management, construction , commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The company will be led by Deepak Thakur who, along with Vishwanathan Iyer, formerly head of solar business development in India at Sterling & Wilson, will be responsible for global business development, strategy and marketing.

Sterling and Wilson has an 8 GW portfolio of combined heat and power plants, gas-fired plants, photovoltaic solar panels and diesel generators.

The company stated that this decision “is part of our commitment to constantly expand our range of offerings to reflect the future of energy.”

According to Deepak Thakur, the global market for hybrids and energy storage could reach around $40 billion by 2025. As a leading provider of project management, engineering and delivery solutions, Sterling & Wilson is therefore confident of providing its customers with better value for money.

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