South Korea set to promote cogeneration


The South Korean government is seeking to increase the share of combined heat and power in the country’s energy mix in order to meet decarbonisation and energy efficiency targets.Seoul

Seoul announced in its latest plan for electricity supply and demand that it would consider cogeneration as a form of distributed generation and facilitate it supplying 12.5 per cent of Korea‘s total power generation capacity through distributed generation by 2029.

Korea Herald reports that the South Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy has been formulating policies to develop new energy businesses and putting them into practice with the aim of not only fighting climate change, but also nurturing the nation‘s new growth engine.

It is set to provide detail on its strategy for decentralized energy next month at the District Heating and Cooling meeting, which will be held for the first time in Asia. The spotlight of this year’s DHC to be held on September 5th in Seoul is integrated energy, a critical tool for reducing greenhouse gases.

South Korea promotes cogeneration in its latest plan for the supply of electricity. The country wants to increase the share of cogeneration in its energy mix to achieve its objectives in terms of carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency.

The latest plan for the supply of electricity in Seoul therefore announces that cogeneration will be considered as a viable option for energy production and that it should reach 12.5% ​​of the mix by 2029.

The government is therefore putting in place measures to support the new energy producers and allow them to evolve. All to fight global warming, but also and above all to improve the growth of the country.

The news comes a few weeks from the District Heating and Cooling Meeting, which will be held this year in Asia, for the first time, in Seoul specifically. We should therefore know more about the measures taken very soon!

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