Sevran: Dalkia inaugurate new biomass plant


On the 3rd of November, in Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis, Jean-Michel Mazalérat, the CEO of Dalkia, inaugurated the new wood boiler heating network with the mayor of Sevran, Stéphane Gatignon, and Brunp Beschizza, the president of SEAPFA (Union of equipment and improvement of the Country of France and Aulnoye).

Dalkia claims that the transition to wood as the main energy source for the SEBIO heating network in July 2015 has helped reduce energy bills by 12% for the 13 000 inhabitants of Sevran connected to the network. Moreover, the wood used in the boiler room is locally sourced, with all the woodused originating from within a radius of 80 km around the boiler, according to Dalkia.

According to the subsidiary Engie, the use of wood as a renewable energy has many advantages, such as avoiding the emission of 12 000 tons of CO2 per year, decreased energy bills for users as well as directly and indirectly creating jobs.

Jean Marie Mazalérat, CEO of Dalkia, commenting on the commissioning of the new boiler, said:
“The construction of this biomass boiler demonstrates the commitment of the city of Sevran towards sustainable development. Our company is proud to bring this project alongside SEAPFA and to offer to the inhabitants of Sevran the opportunity to benefit from green heat and cost. ”

Mr. Gatignon, mayor of Sevran, also expressed his satisfaction at the new development, declaring:
“The Cities of Sevran and Aulnay-sous-Bois are now TEPCV Approved (Territory Positive Energy for Green Growth). The new biomass boiler will help increase comfort for Sevranais while reducing their energy bills and their carbon footprints. “

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