September’s heating networks top tweets

Every month DHC News selects the top 10 tweets that have marked the previous month. This month feature tweets on COP21, energy transition, wood energy, smart networks, household waste and many more.

1/ EuroheatPower


As part of an ongoing series of tweets showing the percentage of people served by district heating in Europe, here we see that an astounding 92% of Icelandic residents benefit from district heating


2/ IEA


The International Energy Agency (IEA) has suggested that integrated and intelligent district heating networks are the way of the future. What does this mean for you?

3/ Via sèva


Some months ago, we looked at the impact of energy transition on district heating networks. This article takes an in-depth look at what this means for the building trade.

4/  AMORCE Association


For the third consecutive year, the PRIMER (the national association of communities, associations and companies for waste management, energy and heat networks) is calling for nominations for the écoréseau label. 23 in 2013 41 in 2014. How many networks will receive the award this year?

5/ Via Sèva


Wood energy is one of the hot topics of the moment. Discover the different stages of the processing of wood as an energy source for district heating networks with this video.

6/ Biometha Inenjection 


Most of the time our review of tweets points you in the direction of online resources. Today, however, the spotlight falls on the printed page in the form of a book on biogas published by Observ’ER.

7/ AMORCE Association 


The third period of EEC energy saving certificates – 2015 to 2017 – did not meet with the expected success. A changing pattern?

8/ Via Sèva


A cycle of web conferences, organized by IDEAL knowledge, organized around the theme “Heating networks and territory” began on the 22nd of September.

9/ Info énergies


In recent years, we have heard a lot about recycling household waste through biomass, but what does this mean exactly? Here is the answer in figures!


10/ Via Sèva


On the occasion of the national day of the air quality, Via Seva recalled an important fact: heat networks involved in improving air quality due to their small amount of gas emissions Greenhouse effect.

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