Nordic Heat Masterclass – Communication Strategies in District energy


Nordic Heat, a non-profit association aiming to help the newcomers in the DHC Industry by transferring the Scandinavian District Heating experience to new markets, is inviting people to a Master Class named “Communication Strategies in District Energy.

The aim of the session is to spread the idea that selling arguments can’t be limited to price and environmental value. Industry influencers need to start presenting DHC as a modern and valuable type of energy production and distribution system.

The session will be divided in 3 parts :

  1. Communication During the Planning Stage of District Energy
  2. Communication During the Installation & Commissioning Stage
  3. Sales and Marketing Communication During the Expansion Stage

The event will be held twice: once in Stoke on June 16th and a few days later in London, on June 22nd. A third session is expected to be hel in Edimburgh in August, but the date has not been communicated yet.

To register for the event, Feel free to contact Ailsa or Peter:

Peter Anderberg – HEATNET
Phone: +46 70 56 111 99

Ailsa Gibson – CLASP
Phone: +44 (0)1524 824325

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