Greenchannel use crowdfunding for energy tranisiton


Engie the group announced that on February 5 the launch of the crowdfunding platform (crowdfunding) GreenChannel. This online platform, like all other platforms of crowdfunding, allow citizens to invest in projects that they like.

Only this time, it’s that this energy transition: individuals can invest from 500 to 10 000 per project and form their own savings of “green bonds. ”

The idea is in the zeitgeist: crowdfunding platforms are on the rise, and the energy sector had not yet seen it happen this new funding, the project leaders might view as a significant financial windfall.

Before being submitted for funding, projects are carefully selected by GreenChannel according to a set of criteria that set thereafter the rate of the bonds issued. These projects should take the renewable energy or energy efficiency.

For now, only two projects are open to investment: the refinancing of 13MWc solar park of the Var town of Bresse-sur-Issole, and development of a solar solution decentralized in France, which would allow individuals to rent their roofs to install photovoltaic micro-plants.

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