Energy Opticon win Cleantech Award


Swedish energy company Energy Opticon, a specialist in energy management software for heat networks, has just announced that it has received the South Sweden Cleantech Award, which was awarded at the end of November at Cleantech Day in Sweden .

The award, sponsored by ALMO and awarded by the Sustainable Business Hub, rewards a company that has made special efforts to develop environmental technologies and improve their competitiveness.

The energy-optimized software, Energy Optima 3, optimizes several heat networks by treating them as a whole, in order to reduce costs and CO2 emissions while securing energy resources. The software is currently used to optimize one of the largest networks in Sweden.

Lars Henriksson, jury member who awarded the prize, emphasized the benefits of the software:

“Energy Opticon is developing software that enables energetically efficient systems to become even more effective. It is a clear win-win situation for the environment. ”

For his part, Moa Dahlman Truesdale, CFO at Energy Opticon, expressed his satisfaction:

“Regionalization has its advantages, but it is complex. We are proud to see that our software plays such a big role and we are grateful to the Sustainable Business Hub for awarding us this award. ”

It should also be noted that Eva Dalman, Project Manager on the Brunnshög project, received an honorable mention for her role in the development of the company and its technologies.

Photo credits: Sustainable Business Hub.

Energy Opticon is the winner of South Sweden Cleantech Award 2016
Sustainable Business Hub’s price, South Sweden Cleantech Award, is this year awarded to
Energy Opticon. The price was awarded during Cleantech Day with the following justification:
Energy Opticon is a Cleantech company that is always looking ahead and is constantly developing
new products. Since the end-of-the-year 2015/2016, Energy Opticon optimizes one of the largest
contiguous district heating networks in Sweden; EVITA, the regional cooperation of the cities of
Lund, Helsingborg and Landskrona, with its software Energy Optima 3. The software makes it
possible to optimize several district heating networks as one total net, resulting in lower costs,
lower CO2 emissions and greater security of energy supply. Energy Opticon has for years been at
the forefront of their field and their products contribute to reduce climate impact.
– Energy Opticon develops software that enables energy efficient systems to become even more
energy efficient. A clear win-win situation for the environment, says Lars Henriksson, member of
the Jury.
The connection of district heating networks, or regionalization, is a trend in Europe and Sweden is
in the forefront in this field. By connecting several different production facilities, it is possible to
increase the choices of production units for heat production. Energy Optima 3 enables cheap
waste heat from waste incineration to be used before units that use fossil fuels, for example.
– Regionalization has many advantages but is quite complex. We are proud that our software
Energy Optima 3 can play such an important role in this and we are grateful that Sustainable
Business Hub has decided to award Energy Opticon South Sweden Cleantech Award, says Moa
Dahlman Truesdale, CFO at Energy Opticon.
South Sweden Cleantech Award is a prize that is awarded to a company that; has made a distinct
effort that has significantly increased the competitiveness and demonstrated the potential of
environmental technologies. This year is the seventh year that the prize is awarded.
The finalists for the prize, except for Energy Opticon, are; Cleanergy, Green Furniture Concept and
Hans Andersson Plastics.
An honorable mention was awarded to Eva Dalman, Project Manager for Brunnshög project, with
the justification: Eva Dalman has for many years been a role model for everybody who work for a
sustainable society. In her role as project manager for the Brunnshög area (ESS), she is the flagkeeper
in developing the area into an attractive mixed city and a showcase for the latest
technology in sustainable urban development. For Eva Dalman, there are no ideas that are not
worthy of being tested. She is a pathfinder who with her positive image inspires others to strive
towards the sustainable society that is necessary in a future perspective.
The prize is sponsored by ALMI.

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