Work completed on Poland’s largest waste recovery plant


The Korean company POSCO E & C have this week announced that they have completed work on the largest waste recovery plant in Poland.

The plant, located in Krakow, will be able to handle 220,000 tons of household waste annually to produce 11 MWh of electricity and provide 35 MWh of heat through a district heating network. It is also the largest Polish waste incinerator.

The ash generated from waste incineration will also be put to use, after treatment, in road construction.

The Korean company responsible for the project is pleased to have completed this project in strict compliance with Polish and European standards without having no incidents, accidents or unforeseen circumstances.

The construction lasted 3 and a half years, while trials were held in the last 7 months before the keys to the factory were handed over on the 27th of June.

The plant received an award from the Polish Association of Architects for its design, and was voted one of the top 10 public investments by Polish citizens.

Tadeusz Tsmiel, the deputy mayor of Krakow, expressed his satisfaction with the Korean manufacturer, saying:

“I was deeply impressed by the technology of POSCO E & C, as well as the company’s skill in implementing such strict management. I am grateful for this state-of-the-art facility that will help us protect the environment. ”

Equally, Han Chan-kun, CEO of POSCO E & C, chose the occasion to highlight the Korean talent and know-how in the field of construction, stating:

“The successful construction of the Krakow waste recovery plant should become a solid basis for the entry of POSCO E & C on the environmental market in Poland and Eastern Europe. ”

The construction of this plant allows Krakow to not only meet European standards, but also to sell the electricity produced by the plant at a higher price through successfully obtaining Green Energy Certification, as issued by the Polish government.

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