Spotlight on biomass boiler

While the heating season is over, we will take a look at Engie-Cofely’s biomass boiler in Langres and review the project and the performance.

The biomass boiler,which was commissioned last year, fuels a 5.1 km network that supplies 30 sites comprising 1000 residential, commercial and municipal buildings.

The biomass boiler consumes  5,200 tons of wood annually, all sourced from surrounding forests, at a maximum distance of 80 kilometres from the town, in a drive to make best use of local resources and cut down on travelling time and expenses.

The boiler, which has a capacity of 2.5 MW, is supported by a gas boiler which provides 17% of the missing energy and acts as a support during peak consumption and in situations of temporary unavailability.

For the city of Langres, the boiler represents a commitment to sustainable development in the logic of the energy transition and the  environmental decree (Grenelle). In addition to offering its citizens a renewable heating method at a controlled cost, the city has a network that enables the city to avoid emitting 58,000 tons of CO2 for the duration of the contract, that is to say the equivalent of 8 years of traffic in the entire town.

So we wish the  Langres boiler every success as it highlights the initiative of the municipality to implement a massive policy of sustainable development!

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