Toulouse opts for Dalkia



The city of Toulouse, in the person of Jean-Luc Moudenc, the president of Toulouse Métropole, has signed a 26-year Public Service Delegation contract for a new heating and cooling system, called “Plain Campus” and which will be designed, built and operated by Dalkia. This network would serve 15,000 housing equivalents from renewable energy and recovery.

Indeed, the new network will serve hot water and heating in seven neighborhoods by recovering the waste heat from the waste recovery plant Mirail, through a network of 36 km of pipes and heat recovery Research center of Space Clément Ader.

Dalkia provides a gas boiler, integrated into the network, will be conducted on the Aerospace Campus Plaine area to supplement and eventually come to the aid of the network. The work, for 49 million euros, of which 14 million was funded by the Heat Fund of ADEME, to begin in 2017, and the network should be operational by 2018.

Peter Trautman, deputy mayor of the city of Toulouse, commented: “This is for Toulouse Métropole of the most important operation for the past 10 years in reducing CO2 emissions in the territory and in France since the last five years, the largest heating network creation with 120 GWh of heat delivered at term. ”

This new network, at the edge of technology, will be remotely controlled from the steering Dalkia center in Borderouge, and its rate of Renewable Energy (RE) go up by Dalkia to 70%, which would avoid release 19 000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Jean Michel Mazalérat, CEO of Dalkia, concluded: “virtuous heat networks play a major role in the sustainable development of territories. The objective of the energy transition law in this area is ambitious: to multiply by five the amounts of renewable heat and recovery delivered by the networks in 2030. Toulouse Métropole will now be able to both contribute to this objective and control energy consumption while offering its inhabitants a more economical heating solution and more environmentally friendly. “

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