Dalkia begin work in Bagneux


Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF, has announced that they started drilling geothermal wells that will feed into the heating network of Bagneux in mid-November. According to Dalkia sources, it will take four months to drill the two wells, which will extend to 1800 metres deep for the purpose of locating hot water to power the network. In 2016, nearly half the population should benefit from the network.

The contract was awarded to Dalkia after a tendering process carried out by an association of the Outskirts of Paris for Energy and Communication Networks (SIPPEREC), and the Bagéops subsidiary of the company will be responsible for building and operating the network.

This contract forms part of the energy transition, and Bagneux has taken this step in the drive to provide a clean energy source and relatively low cost .

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